Same Apps with Different Features

Same Apps with Different Features

Nothing in this universe is legitimate, the one who comes, he is supposed to go. From dawn to dusk life is all about changing phenomenon. The thumb rule of change applies on every corner of the universe.  Our quests to keep our soul clam yet by entertaining our body always seek more and more. Hunger pangs of betterment keep on compelling us to hunt for more betterment and more desires.

Rainbow of change has spread its arc not only in one sector; rather these every bit of universe lays in this semi circle. However some of the sectors didn’t get this much affect as technological era did.

Ever since the dawn of Android Development appeared, it kept on blazing rays and rays. It’s not like there were no phones. However after the entrance of Android and iOS, Symbian phones could not retain market share and within no time these big fishes ate all others in the pond.

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Another interesting phenomenon has been observed that there are tons of Android Application that are exactly same. Sometimes being common user, we do wonder why on earth people keep on bringing like applications and services that resembles so much.  But carefully looking at those apps and using them would reveal that each application that takes place in Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store, may look identical but their functionality is lot different than.

In this episode we will try to highlight some of the Android Applications that may fall under same category but heir functionality differs lot more.


Find your person is “Meetup” slogan. This app connects you to with others who enjoy same interests as of you by enabling you to search within the radius of 5 miles. Let say you are interested in cricket, join the group and there you will come across lot more other people who also keep interest in cricket. Although this App gonna ask you donation for about $10 -15$ a month, however you can have free ride for specific time period so as to see the functionality of app.

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Platform for like-minded people who are passionate about gym, sports and other physical activities, this application will notify you about the people around you. Though it may sound like Meetup, however this is fruitful for those who want to have some companion for Tennis or other physical activity.

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Being an iOS family member, this application is another replica of Meetup i.e. to search the person who you think likes what you like. However the only distinguishing feature is its social option, enabling which you can post your photos and activities. This useful app also intimate you about local deals, curated content and recommendations.

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UC Browser

Reason why UC Browser has got 9,648,919 Reviews is its downloading feature. Say you are on a website and you need to download some video stuff from there. What will you do? Will you let it go or you would it be better if you could instantly download that thing?

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Chrome Browser

Wondering why Google’s own browser could only draw attention of 4,634,030, this is because of lacking downloading feature. Although both of these browsers are widely used browsers in Android Phones however they both got some distinguishing features.

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Temple Run

Originally the pioneer in the concept of running games, Temple Run is one of its kind that offers lot of fun. This game involves lot more tilt as compared to subway surfers, where there’s only swipe of finger should work.

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Subway Surfers

This Endless running game is preceded to Temple Run, however extended features and availability of numerous characters ranging from  Jake to Lucy and from Amira to Zuri  helped this sensational game in getting tremendous fame and downloads

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Ahadith e Nabvi Learn Sunnah

Ahadith e Nabvi Learn Sunnah is an incredible effort to widen our knowledge and get to know about the golden sayings of Holy Prophet PBUH. This informative Android Application within no time frame realized the importance for being having this app in your smart phones.

And the list goes on and on……..


Together Let’s Honor our Heroes on Memorial Day 2016

Together Let’s Honor our Heroes on Memorial Day 2016

Would you rather not show your tenderness toward those courageous patriots that sacrificed their whole lives for protecting you and protecting United States of America? Indeed you should, as a matter of fact, these are the commitments and devotion of these flag bearers whose matchless services have made us enable to stay safe in such fearful era.

Ever wondered those brave son had families too, even they had siblings, they had responsibilities to carry on but patriotism always motivated them to do so for the sake of their country and in doing so  they preferred to lay down their lives for the sovereignty of their homeland.

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Thank you Sir for honoring me Bright and Safe Future

We may have told you numerous useful apps for entertainment, playing games or other purposes but today, this is time to hear those unheard voices that will never speak. Today on this Memorial Day 2016, it’s time to recall those forgotten names that used to have lovable families like you do.  Today, we would rather take privilege by offering appreciation to Android Developers who spent some time for these brave heroes.

Top Android Apps To Make Spirit of Memorial Day 2016 Alive

Memorial Day Wallpapers

This noble effort of Terratech may seem small to many of us but truly speaking, having this app would take you into fantasy yet real life of our custodians. This is in fact great dedication and honor to all those efforts lead us new and stable life.

Memorial Day Frames

You may have downloaded lot of frames applications in your smart phones, you must have enjoyed lot of fun effects from those frames, but today let us honor our heroes by fixing our best possible picture in Memorial Day Frames.

Critical Ops

Holding pop-corn in your hand, watching BBC or CNN News and commenting on ongoing issues is lot easier, but facing the real time scenarios could be hard. Critical Ops is game that has been designed in such a way that should give you perfect guess, that what happens when son of soil fights against evil. What happens when your desire to move on overwhelms. What happens when you say no to retreat and go ahead only for victory situation.

Patriotic Ringtones Free

You must have downloaded ringtones from Zedge or any other app. Probably you  could be mad music listener but today it’s day to recall the brave sons, it Is the day to make memories alive by honoring our heroes. We would therefore ask you to have this App and show your solidarity for those on whose behalf you are walking free.

Entertainment You Can Have from Google Play Store

Entertainment You Can Have from Google Play Store

Sitting all alone and thinking the tagline that “Time Wasted isn’t the time wasted in fact” often puts into jeopardy. How on earth one could say such weird lines and that of without noticing ifs and thens. However such words of wisdom really mean something, rather they are not vague and often they hold the deepest secrets among them.

Rise and usage of Smart phones within no time frame embarked upon technological dilemmas. No wonder surfing through underground, you will come across people of all demographics will be staring and scrolling their Mobile Phones accordingly.  You may see some kids may be playing Subway surf, a teenager playing Candy Crush Saga, an Office guy busy with Ever note or may be young energetic and fashion enthusiast girls may seem busy in adoring her Angela. Long and short, things changed and so are the routines.

This spell, let’s figure out some of the Android Apps from different genres that ever remained in your phone or you may at least know about.

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Android Apps for Entertainment

Whosoever said that History repeats itself, must be really good in his predictions. Tech advancements reduced screen sizes and now our kids do not require switching on TV, adjusting AV leads, and insert that yellow cassettes in their White and Black Games. Our kid’s no more do so, this is because the gigantic Google Play Store and iOS App store has made it possible for them to play their favorite games without moving even an inch from their warm quilts.


Subway Surfers from Kiloo

Dodging a cop may not be very good idea, but for Kiloo and SYBO production, this idea helped them a lot in generating some handsome business.  Dominating Top Charts in Google Play Store for long, this game is fun and indeed an addiction to those who want to unlock new characters, passages and treasures.

Candy Crush Saga

King’s production really remained king for long –long period. This is no wonder that, this is not only the game that generated enough business rather marketing team of King and the associated articles made this game as matchless. And if you are free and want to kill sometime, you can do easily. But we won’t call this game as time killing because of the lessons that we learn from this game.

MX Player

So you think you are one whose SD card and mobile’s memory is always loaded with movies but don’t find an application that should serve its purpose? You should then take a break by staggering at an incredible effort of J2 Interactive. MX player no doubt is the cup of tea to many of film lovers.

Cook Book Recipes

Not only mums rather dads are welcome too. And if you are diet conscious person then this is an app that serves the purpose. Beautifully designed categories, layout, selection of recopies according to particular day are some of the features that make this effort an Editor’s choice in Google.


Rise of Selfie motivated many of the developers to carve out some cool ideas. Sometimes all we want is to catch the beautiful scenery and do believe that focus of Selfie won’t cover up the issue. Tech gurus kept on brainstorming ideas and finally Groopic incorporation came up with this spectacular idea of adding photographer back to the photo. If you are photographer who loves taking photos but often his/her own photo remains missing, then Groopic is an App to consider.

My Talking Angela

Angela, the virtual pet is a real stable effort from outfit 7. This popular game is fun loving especially among baby girls.

Pak Entertainment

Fandom of Pakistani Dramas is so much on its rise that people living abroad cannot even resist to have latest episodes in their pockets. For the pursuits of Pakistan Drama lovers, Pak Entertainment is the app that really got the guts to serve its purpose.

Google Spotlight Stories

Want to carry on your own mobile movie theater? Have Google Spotlight stories in your apps to see and read the world around you through the eyes of some award winning story tellers.

Word Search

Let’s see how good you are in making combination of words. This is the finest app for those who want to increase their knowledge thus by learning newest words.

How to Get Your App Ranked in Google

How to Get Your App Ranked in Google

Would it be Ok if you somehow manage to get yourself enrolled in 40,000 search queries in a second i.e.  3.5 billions a day and over 1.2 trillion a year. Google, one of the gigantic search engines is dominating since long and by observing the bossy style of this, tech gurus believe that monopoly may prevail over years and years.

This is one side of the picture and the story is yet going on where Google’s Play store so far has given tough competition to Apple’s App store. Irrespective of pros and cons, plus and minuses, it would be worth mentioning that around 60% to 75% smart phone users now show their tenderness toward Android phones. They do so, because of price, functions and ease of use. This is why Android Development and the abundance of Android Apps have overwhelmed the Smart Phone Industry within no time.

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Google is taking on all search engines

Careful estimates states that number of Apps downloaded from the Google Play Store is about 65bn and these zeros are increasing with an every tic of the clock. Considering such potential market and its bright future, this is why development of Android App and inclination of institutes toward adding related subjects is at its peak.

And if you are good enough developer and know the art to develop your own App, possibilities are, you may be looking to hire some firm for your App’s market which may cost you some budget.

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Google Play Store soon gonna lead

In such an event, why not to have look at some of the Tips that should ask you to Rank Your App in Google Play Store.

Appropriate App Name

Since Google Play Store sees 6 million unique phrases searched monthly out of which 12 percent Daily Active Users search apps daily while 50 percent users pop up on weekly basis. It is required that don’t choose an App’s name that’s variant of an existing popular app.

Title of an App Really Matters

Those 156 characters in Google SERP and 60-80 characters in Play Store really matter. Before rendering APK file to Google Play Store, make sure title of you app is

  • Clear
  • Short
  • Unique

Screenshots and Promo Video

Importance of screenshots cannot be denied but the overwhelming popularity of video marketing is also breaking records. An analytic state that Apps with promo videos have more downloads as compared to an app that has stable screenshots.

No. of Downloads

There used to be time when installs really proved success factor for any App, now refined algos and extended Artificial Intelligence of Google gurus not only see the installs, they also observe the time span for which an App resided in particular phone. So those who think they can scam ratings merely by installing and uninstalling should think twice before doing that, as the quicker an App will be uninstalled, more will be chances of drop downs.

Word of Mouth

Made beautiful App but not getting any review or ratings? This is because people don’t know your App is there. In order to make your App visible, your social circle should be first point of contact. Ask your friends to install, rate and review it. They should not be doing all this by them only, rather refer your App in their circles too. By having this chain, your app within no time will yield some good results.

Be Moderate, Don’t Always Expect Five Stars

It’s been observed that lot of people ask their friends to rate 5 and write comments. Though they do give you five stars, but having too many 5 stars in early days, reveal that something’s fishy. This is therefore suggested to be moderate and stars should be variant between 3 and 5.

Instant Reply

Login on Play Store and you will come across bunch of Apps from deceased people. We call them deceased because I could never find their legatee. Why do we call them so? This is because they never turn or get back to angry comments. This is important to listen grumbles but it would be in the best interest of your App to resolve it at earliest.

Last But Not Least – The Social Pages

Apps having social pages often get more engagements and downloads than apps that give no concern to Social Channels.

Would it Be Better to Have Hadith e Nabvi App in Your Smart Phone?

Would it Be Better to Have Hadith e Nabvi App in Your Smart Phone?

Prepared yourself for Ramadan 2016? Of course we all are on the go to say Welcome to such a month that brings happiness, satisfaction and sacrifice. Since the blessings of Ramadan are near, everyone is striving to follow and learn Sunnah and Shariah from books and every available resource. Behind sometimes, we used to see people were carrying either big Ahadith books or they had few folded papers in their hands. Some of us witnessed even pocket sized Quran e Pak too, that always accompanied those who wanted to lighten up their Eeman. It’s not like we don’t see small Quran e Pak or hadees books these days, sure we do see them but some in some other way.

Technological advancements didn’t only shower it’s blessings upon Health and Science sector, rather big shots of coding world spread their wings across the board. Besides seeing entertainment Apps like Pakistani Dramas and Pashto Songs, we can also see lot of Islamic Apps too.

Presence of these Islamic Apps depict that there are people who spend their time, rather they are missionaries on a right mission, and that is to help people by reshaping their lives according to Shariah and Sunnah. Wondering how do they do so? These coding masters are doing this by developing ravishing yet really helpful Islamic Apps for all demographics.

Let’s have look at few of the Helpful Islamic Apps

Muslim Pro

An amalgamation of prayer times and of Quran, this useful app is an apple of eye among many Muslims. Listening Mp3 Quran and prayer times are just some of its feature whereas this noble effort is blend of many more i.e. finding Halal restaurants near you and so on.

6 Kalma of Islam

Often we see our children are obsessed with cartoons. Kids from Pakistan are either seen having by rolling their eyes with Motu Patlu or they are they are busy with Oggy and Cockroaches. Moreover to make them learn Kalmas we send them either to Masjid or hire services of some Islamic Scholar. Wouldn’t it be better if we had 6 Kalmas of Islam App in our phone so that each time toddler started weeping, we would have played that Kalmas?

Islamic Ringtones

You are offering prayer following Imam and all of sudden your phone starts playing some annoying ringtone. How would you feel? Wouldn’t it be better if you had your phone on silent or at least you had tone that wouldn’t have annoyed other followers this much? Since Ramadan Kareem is approaching nearby, this is therefore imperative to have Islamic Ringtone Apps with you.

Ahadith e Nabvi – Learn Sunnah

Obeying Allah is mandatory, at the same time it is equally important for us to learn what our Holy Prophet PBUH said, how he lived his life and the do’s and don’ts that have been highlighted by our Prophet. But how do we learn and find out these teachings. For sure there are multiple Ahadith books that narrate the Aqwal e Rasool. But having so many books around you isn’t possible all the times. It is therefore recommended to have Ahadith e Nabvi App. This precise app holds an ocean of Ahadith from some of the most authentic resources i.e. Bukhari Sharif and Sahih Muslim. Another intuitive thing is the use of Urdu language. Since my father wanted to learn Ahadith, but he can’t read English very well, I was therefore looking some Hadees App in Urdu and I am very much glad to come across this one. Anyone of you who is looking for complete Ahadith Collection of Sahih Al- Muslim and Bukhari Sharif must have this one in their smart phones.

Namaz Guide

Namaz Guide is another beautiful and informative app developed to make corrections in your Namaz. This app can be of great help for those who have just started offering Namaz and feel their Arakeen e Namaz i.e. Ruku, Sajda and Altahyat is not appropriate.

Daily Duas for Kids

Do you feel pride when your kid offer some dua before starting particular work e-g taking lunch, after sneezing, after getting out from toilet etc. sure you do feel pride. Daily Duas for kids is an amazing app for you and for your kids to learn duas and to start their work with the relevant dua.