How to Get Your App Ranked in Google

How to Get Your App Ranked in Google

Would it be Ok if you somehow manage to get yourself enrolled in 40,000 search queries in a second i.e.  3.5 billions a day and over 1.2 trillion a year. Google, one of the gigantic search engines is dominating since long and by observing the bossy style of this, tech gurus believe that monopoly may prevail over years and years.

This is one side of the picture and the story is yet going on where Google’s Play store so far has given tough competition to Apple’s App store. Irrespective of pros and cons, plus and minuses, it would be worth mentioning that around 60% to 75% smart phone users now show their tenderness toward Android phones. They do so, because of price, functions and ease of use. This is why Android Development and the abundance of Android Apps have overwhelmed the Smart Phone Industry within no time.

google, giant, best search engine,
Google is taking on all search engines

Careful estimates states that number of Apps downloaded from the Google Play Store is about 65bn and these zeros are increasing with an every tic of the clock. Considering such potential market and its bright future, this is why development of Android App and inclination of institutes toward adding related subjects is at its peak.

And if you are good enough developer and know the art to develop your own App, possibilities are, you may be looking to hire some firm for your App’s market which may cost you some budget.

Dominance, Playstore, Google, Android Development
Google Play Store soon gonna lead

In such an event, why not to have look at some of the Tips that should ask you to Rank Your App in Google Play Store.

Appropriate App Name

Since Google Play Store sees 6 million unique phrases searched monthly out of which 12 percent Daily Active Users search apps daily while 50 percent users pop up on weekly basis. It is required that don’t choose an App’s name that’s variant of an existing popular app.

Title of an App Really Matters

Those 156 characters in Google SERP and 60-80 characters in Play Store really matter. Before rendering APK file to Google Play Store, make sure title of you app is

  • Clear
  • Short
  • Unique

Screenshots and Promo Video

Importance of screenshots cannot be denied but the overwhelming popularity of video marketing is also breaking records. An analytic state that Apps with promo videos have more downloads as compared to an app that has stable screenshots.

No. of Downloads

There used to be time when installs really proved success factor for any App, now refined algos and extended Artificial Intelligence of Google gurus not only see the installs, they also observe the time span for which an App resided in particular phone. So those who think they can scam ratings merely by installing and uninstalling should think twice before doing that, as the quicker an App will be uninstalled, more will be chances of drop downs.

Word of Mouth

Made beautiful App but not getting any review or ratings? This is because people don’t know your App is there. In order to make your App visible, your social circle should be first point of contact. Ask your friends to install, rate and review it. They should not be doing all this by them only, rather refer your App in their circles too. By having this chain, your app within no time will yield some good results.

Be Moderate, Don’t Always Expect Five Stars

It’s been observed that lot of people ask their friends to rate 5 and write comments. Though they do give you five stars, but having too many 5 stars in early days, reveal that something’s fishy. This is therefore suggested to be moderate and stars should be variant between 3 and 5.

Instant Reply

Login on Play Store and you will come across bunch of Apps from deceased people. We call them deceased because I could never find their legatee. Why do we call them so? This is because they never turn or get back to angry comments. This is important to listen grumbles but it would be in the best interest of your App to resolve it at earliest.

Last But Not Least – The Social Pages

Apps having social pages often get more engagements and downloads than apps that give no concern to Social Channels.


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