Entertainment You Can Have from Google Play Store

Entertainment You Can Have from Google Play Store

Sitting all alone and thinking the tagline that “Time Wasted isn’t the time wasted in fact” often puts into jeopardy. How on earth one could say such weird lines and that of without noticing ifs and thens. However such words of wisdom really mean something, rather they are not vague and often they hold the deepest secrets among them.

Rise and usage of Smart phones within no time frame embarked upon technological dilemmas. No wonder surfing through underground, you will come across people of all demographics will be staring and scrolling their Mobile Phones accordingly.  You may see some kids may be playing Subway surf, a teenager playing Candy Crush Saga, an Office guy busy with Ever note or may be young energetic and fashion enthusiast girls may seem busy in adoring her Angela. Long and short, things changed and so are the routines.

This spell, let’s figure out some of the Android Apps from different genres that ever remained in your phone or you may at least know about.

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Android Apps for Entertainment

Whosoever said that History repeats itself, must be really good in his predictions. Tech advancements reduced screen sizes and now our kids do not require switching on TV, adjusting AV leads, and insert that yellow cassettes in their White and Black Games. Our kid’s no more do so, this is because the gigantic Google Play Store and iOS App store has made it possible for them to play their favorite games without moving even an inch from their warm quilts.


Subway Surfers from Kiloo

Dodging a cop may not be very good idea, but for Kiloo and SYBO production, this idea helped them a lot in generating some handsome business.  Dominating Top Charts in Google Play Store for long, this game is fun and indeed an addiction to those who want to unlock new characters, passages and treasures.

Candy Crush Saga

King’s production really remained king for long –long period. This is no wonder that, this is not only the game that generated enough business rather marketing team of King and the associated articles made this game as matchless. And if you are free and want to kill sometime, you can do easily. But we won’t call this game as time killing because of the lessons that we learn from this game.

MX Player

So you think you are one whose SD card and mobile’s memory is always loaded with movies but don’t find an application that should serve its purpose? You should then take a break by staggering at an incredible effort of J2 Interactive. MX player no doubt is the cup of tea to many of film lovers.

Cook Book Recipes

Not only mums rather dads are welcome too. And if you are diet conscious person then this is an app that serves the purpose. Beautifully designed categories, layout, selection of recopies according to particular day are some of the features that make this effort an Editor’s choice in Google.


Rise of Selfie motivated many of the developers to carve out some cool ideas. Sometimes all we want is to catch the beautiful scenery and do believe that focus of Selfie won’t cover up the issue. Tech gurus kept on brainstorming ideas and finally Groopic incorporation came up with this spectacular idea of adding photographer back to the photo. If you are photographer who loves taking photos but often his/her own photo remains missing, then Groopic is an App to consider.

My Talking Angela

Angela, the virtual pet is a real stable effort from outfit 7. This popular game is fun loving especially among baby girls.

Pak Entertainment

Fandom of Pakistani Dramas is so much on its rise that people living abroad cannot even resist to have latest episodes in their pockets. For the pursuits of Pakistan Drama lovers, Pak Entertainment is the app that really got the guts to serve its purpose.

Google Spotlight Stories

Want to carry on your own mobile movie theater? Have Google Spotlight stories in your apps to see and read the world around you through the eyes of some award winning story tellers.

Word Search

Let’s see how good you are in making combination of words. This is the finest app for those who want to increase their knowledge thus by learning newest words.


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