Together Let’s Honor our Heroes on Memorial Day 2016

Together Let’s Honor our Heroes on Memorial Day 2016

Would you rather not show your tenderness toward those courageous patriots that sacrificed their whole lives for protecting you and protecting United States of America? Indeed you should, as a matter of fact, these are the commitments and devotion of these flag bearers whose matchless services have made us enable to stay safe in such fearful era.

Ever wondered those brave son had families too, even they had siblings, they had responsibilities to carry on but patriotism always motivated them to do so for the sake of their country and in doing so  they preferred to lay down their lives for the sovereignty of their homeland.

Memorial Day 2016 Apps, Best Android Apps
Thank you Sir for honoring me Bright and Safe Future

We may have told you numerous useful apps for entertainment, playing games or other purposes but today, this is time to hear those unheard voices that will never speak. Today on this Memorial Day 2016, it’s time to recall those forgotten names that used to have lovable families like you do.  Today, we would rather take privilege by offering appreciation to Android Developers who spent some time for these brave heroes.

Top Android Apps To Make Spirit of Memorial Day 2016 Alive

Memorial Day Wallpapers

This noble effort of Terratech may seem small to many of us but truly speaking, having this app would take you into fantasy yet real life of our custodians. This is in fact great dedication and honor to all those efforts lead us new and stable life.

Memorial Day Frames

You may have downloaded lot of frames applications in your smart phones, you must have enjoyed lot of fun effects from those frames, but today let us honor our heroes by fixing our best possible picture in Memorial Day Frames.

Critical Ops

Holding pop-corn in your hand, watching BBC or CNN News and commenting on ongoing issues is lot easier, but facing the real time scenarios could be hard. Critical Ops is game that has been designed in such a way that should give you perfect guess, that what happens when son of soil fights against evil. What happens when your desire to move on overwhelms. What happens when you say no to retreat and go ahead only for victory situation.

Patriotic Ringtones Free

You must have downloaded ringtones from Zedge or any other app. Probably you  could be mad music listener but today it’s day to recall the brave sons, it Is the day to make memories alive by honoring our heroes. We would therefore ask you to have this App and show your solidarity for those on whose behalf you are walking free.


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