Same Apps with Different Features

Same Apps with Different Features

Nothing in this universe is legitimate, the one who comes, he is supposed to go. From dawn to dusk life is all about changing phenomenon. The thumb rule of change applies on every corner of the universe.  Our quests to keep our soul clam yet by entertaining our body always seek more and more. Hunger pangs of betterment keep on compelling us to hunt for more betterment and more desires.

Rainbow of change has spread its arc not only in one sector; rather these every bit of universe lays in this semi circle. However some of the sectors didn’t get this much affect as technological era did.

Ever since the dawn of Android Development appeared, it kept on blazing rays and rays. It’s not like there were no phones. However after the entrance of Android and iOS, Symbian phones could not retain market share and within no time these big fishes ate all others in the pond.

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Another interesting phenomenon has been observed that there are tons of Android Application that are exactly same. Sometimes being common user, we do wonder why on earth people keep on bringing like applications and services that resembles so much.  But carefully looking at those apps and using them would reveal that each application that takes place in Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store, may look identical but their functionality is lot different than.

In this episode we will try to highlight some of the Android Applications that may fall under same category but heir functionality differs lot more.


Find your person is “Meetup” slogan. This app connects you to with others who enjoy same interests as of you by enabling you to search within the radius of 5 miles. Let say you are interested in cricket, join the group and there you will come across lot more other people who also keep interest in cricket. Although this App gonna ask you donation for about $10 -15$ a month, however you can have free ride for specific time period so as to see the functionality of app.

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Platform for like-minded people who are passionate about gym, sports and other physical activities, this application will notify you about the people around you. Though it may sound like Meetup, however this is fruitful for those who want to have some companion for Tennis or other physical activity.

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Being an iOS family member, this application is another replica of Meetup i.e. to search the person who you think likes what you like. However the only distinguishing feature is its social option, enabling which you can post your photos and activities. This useful app also intimate you about local deals, curated content and recommendations.

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UC Browser

Reason why UC Browser has got 9,648,919 Reviews is its downloading feature. Say you are on a website and you need to download some video stuff from there. What will you do? Will you let it go or you would it be better if you could instantly download that thing?

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Chrome Browser

Wondering why Google’s own browser could only draw attention of 4,634,030, this is because of lacking downloading feature. Although both of these browsers are widely used browsers in Android Phones however they both got some distinguishing features.

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Temple Run

Originally the pioneer in the concept of running games, Temple Run is one of its kind that offers lot of fun. This game involves lot more tilt as compared to subway surfers, where there’s only swipe of finger should work.

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Subway Surfers

This Endless running game is preceded to Temple Run, however extended features and availability of numerous characters ranging from  Jake to Lucy and from Amira to Zuri  helped this sensational game in getting tremendous fame and downloads

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Ahadith e Nabvi Learn Sunnah

Ahadith e Nabvi Learn Sunnah is an incredible effort to widen our knowledge and get to know about the golden sayings of Holy Prophet PBUH. This informative Android Application within no time frame realized the importance for being having this app in your smart phones.

And the list goes on and on……..


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