Would it Be Better to Have Hadith e Nabvi App in Your Smart Phone?

Would it Be Better to Have Hadith e Nabvi App in Your Smart Phone?

Prepared yourself for Ramadan 2016? Of course we all are on the go to say Welcome to such a month that brings happiness, satisfaction and sacrifice. Since the blessings of Ramadan are near, everyone is striving to follow and learn Sunnah and Shariah from books and every available resource. Behind sometimes, we used to see people were carrying either big Ahadith books or they had few folded papers in their hands. Some of us witnessed even pocket sized Quran e Pak too, that always accompanied those who wanted to lighten up their Eeman. It’s not like we don’t see small Quran e Pak or hadees books these days, sure we do see them but some in some other way.

Technological advancements didn’t only shower it’s blessings upon Health and Science sector, rather big shots of coding world spread their wings across the board. Besides seeing entertainment Apps like Pakistani Dramas and Pashto Songs, we can also see lot of Islamic Apps too.

Presence of these Islamic Apps depict that there are people who spend their time, rather they are missionaries on a right mission, and that is to help people by reshaping their lives according to Shariah and Sunnah. Wondering how do they do so? These coding masters are doing this by developing ravishing yet really helpful Islamic Apps for all demographics.

Let’s have look at few of the Helpful Islamic Apps

Muslim Pro

An amalgamation of prayer times and of Quran, this useful app is an apple of eye among many Muslims. Listening Mp3 Quran and prayer times are just some of its feature whereas this noble effort is blend of many more i.e. finding Halal restaurants near you and so on.

6 Kalma of Islam

Often we see our children are obsessed with cartoons. Kids from Pakistan are either seen having by rolling their eyes with Motu Patlu or they are they are busy with Oggy and Cockroaches. Moreover to make them learn Kalmas we send them either to Masjid or hire services of some Islamic Scholar. Wouldn’t it be better if we had 6 Kalmas of Islam App in our phone so that each time toddler started weeping, we would have played that Kalmas?

Islamic Ringtones

You are offering prayer following Imam and all of sudden your phone starts playing some annoying ringtone. How would you feel? Wouldn’t it be better if you had your phone on silent or at least you had tone that wouldn’t have annoyed other followers this much? Since Ramadan Kareem is approaching nearby, this is therefore imperative to have Islamic Ringtone Apps with you.

Ahadith e Nabvi – Learn Sunnah

Obeying Allah is mandatory, at the same time it is equally important for us to learn what our Holy Prophet PBUH said, how he lived his life and the do’s and don’ts that have been highlighted by our Prophet. But how do we learn and find out these teachings. For sure there are multiple Ahadith books that narrate the Aqwal e Rasool. But having so many books around you isn’t possible all the times. It is therefore recommended to have Ahadith e Nabvi App. This precise app holds an ocean of Ahadith from some of the most authentic resources i.e. Bukhari Sharif and Sahih Muslim. Another intuitive thing is the use of Urdu language. Since my father wanted to learn Ahadith, but he can’t read English very well, I was therefore looking some Hadees App in Urdu and I am very much glad to come across this one. Anyone of you who is looking for complete Ahadith Collection of Sahih Al- Muslim and Bukhari Sharif must have this one in their smart phones.

Namaz Guide

Namaz Guide is another beautiful and informative app developed to make corrections in your Namaz. This app can be of great help for those who have just started offering Namaz and feel their Arakeen e Namaz i.e. Ruku, Sajda and Altahyat is not appropriate.

Daily Duas for Kids

Do you feel pride when your kid offer some dua before starting particular work e-g taking lunch, after sneezing, after getting out from toilet etc. sure you do feel pride. Daily Duas for kids is an amazing app for you and for your kids to learn duas and to start their work with the relevant dua.